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James Dean 24x19 inches

Craig Tinsky

Craig Tinsky is an innovative visual artist raised in Miami and living in Washington DC. His methods push the medium of papercut art resulting in works that look like paintings, screen prints, etchings, and photographs. Drawing inspiration from black and white photography as well as digital pixelation, Craig created a style called Ribbon-Halftone. He cuts meticulously measured and shaped choppy, wavy ribbons into sheets of paper, producing portraits so similar to photographs that they appear to show tiny details such as individual hairs and faint facial wrinkles. Upon close inspection, there seem to be no sharp or even discernible images.

Craig’s most recent innovation melds the centuries-old papercut tradition of tesselation with pop-art inspired portraiture. The very first work in this style is a cherry-red portrait of Audrey Hepburn, debuting at Artist’s Proof.

His work hangs in public and private collections in the US, Europe, and Asia. Both the Seattle Monaco Hotel and the Chicago Thompson Hotel have multiple Tinsky papercuts on permanent display.


Specializing in portraiture, Craig Tinsky’s works must be seen in person for one to truly appreciate his gift.



Middle Child
James Dean

He demonstrates an amazing eye, matched by a steady hand, and exceeded by limitless patience.


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